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50 pages x $5,000/surgeon/month = A possible $250,000/month

So, Why On Earth Am I Selling This Site?!?

To put it simply, I found a different niche, more suited to my experience, where the clients are being referred straight to me!

This means I've been too busy to do the direct outreach needed to secure profitable clients here.

I don't want the work I've already put in to go to waste!

But, I should probably make a few things clear!

  • This is NOT a "get rich quick" website - you actually have to regularly put in solid hours if you expect to see any results & build a reputable business if you expect to make $100,000+/month.
  • I am ONLY selling a website - there are NO clients & NO established income streams (there are social accounts but they have NO followers either).
  • This website comes "as-is". It's being sold through Flippa Escrow so you'll get a chance to review everything but once it's sold it's yours.
  • I make NO promises or guarantees as to profitability of this website. Only your mindset & work ethic will determine your success.

Now, here's what I was going to do...

This website is build using Thrive Themes & has Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder & Thrive Visual Editor installed.

My plan was to sell plastic surgeons HIPAA compliant website SEO and page rental using the Thrive Visual Editor.

Using Thrive Visual Editor you can create a visually appealing, highly converting landing page in a few minutes using their drag & drop template library.

This landing page appears over the original content which has two huge benfits:

  1. All the original SEO benefits from the main city sales page are retained & passed onto the landing page where you can add the surgery details and a link to their contact page.
  2. You can simply & easily change between a landing page and the main city sales page if you gain or lose a client.

There is the ability to also build pages around breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, liposuction, labiaplasty & even other cosmetic surgeries to open up even more profit potential.

Thrive Quiz Builder is a new plugin however, I've added it to this site for you because it provides a new way to generate surgeon client leads (read this).

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